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Thread: Who is the current alignment guru?

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    Who is the current alignment guru?

    I took my car to a local shop based on a review I found somewhere on the internet recommending them for a Miata custom alignment back in 2011. They were a great group of guys, but they did not really understand how to setup the car. I gave them the stock Flyin Miata recommended alignment:

    Caster: 5.0 degrees
    Camber: 1.0 degrees negative
    Toe-in: 1/16", 0.15 or 9 arcminutes total (1/32", 0.075 or 4.5 minutes per side)

    Camber: 1.5 degrees negative
    Toe-in: 1/16", 0.15 or 9 arcminutes total (1/32", 0.075 or 4.5 minutes per side)

    The tech named Mike set the toe really well, but he did not understand how to set the negative camber. As you can see, he did not set the caster at all, but those specs were close enough. Again, they seem like honest people, they have great customer service, but this wasn't their forte. I offered to replace alignment bolts, control arms, or whatever else they thought was necessary, but they didn't seem capable of setting camber. I am happy to pay more for a person that knows what they are doing, but I can't figure out who is capable of this. Everyone just seems to operate off of "set the toe and go". Is there anyone that y'all know of that can properly do a real alignment to custom specs?

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    What I normally do is buy the lifetime alignment from Firestone. Set the car up for street driving, but when you want to go autocross or do a track event, go and have your personal settings plugged in. When your done, go back to your street settings to save your tires. Anytime you want your settings, it's free!

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    I used Potranco Automotive at 12034 Potranco Rd recently and they did a real good job. I used the FM specs but changed the front toe to 0 (better for autoX). On the back suspension Potranco read the spec wrong and put the toe for each side of the rear tires at 1/16" instead of 1/32". But the guy just read the specs wrong everything else was very close. So I would just make sure to give them the toe per side clearly.

    I plan to go back next time I need an alignment. They were also ok with putting weights (sand bags brought by me) in the drivers seat for the alignment.

    A good alignment makes a big difference. Well worth the $

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