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Thread: May Sundaes on Monday

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    May Sundaes on Monday

    Fellow Zoomers!

    I have a couple of new spots for us to try for our next Sundaes on Monday, but it's a surprise!! On May 1st we'll meet at the Tri-Point YMCA at 281 South and St. Mary's Street at 6 pm and leave at 6:15 for a short trip to a new (to us) burger joint, and then once we've eaten, we'll drive to another new (to us) ice cream shop that's very close and very delicious!! I've already checked with each venue and they will be able to accommodate us, so hope to see a bunch of you at the May Sundaes on Monday!

    Luv 2 Zum!

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    Good job, Jimbo!

    I really enjoyed going to one of the original Whopper Burger locations, known now as Burger Boy. The burgers were tasty and the price was right! Afterwards, you knocked it outta the park taking us to LICK at the Pearl. Great ice cream!
    Thanks Jimbo !!!
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