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Bluebonnet Miata Club

Steve Stiles

2001 LS
Sunlight Silver Metallic
“The Silver Bullet -
Phast and Phurious”

I first got into sports car in 1975…it was a 1970 240Z. I was a senior in high school and it was the first car I bought on my own. My Mom hated it and my Dad threatened to take it away from me if I got a speeding ticket. Well, I wasn’t the one who got the ticket in it…right Dad? Anyway…I was hooked on sports cars ever since. I had to sell the Z car when Karen and I got married since she couldn’t drive it and we couldn’t afford a second car. I lusted after another sports car for 25 years. I couldn’t stand it any longer….25 years is a very long time…I took the plunge in October 2001 and purchased my Miata. Now that I got the Silver Bullet, taking runs in the Hill Country, and hanging out with all our friends here in the club…it was well worth the wait. Gotta Miata….Zoom, Zoom!!!

zoom zoom

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