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Here is an explanation of how to read your VIN number. For Mazda cars and trucks there could be all sorts of other codes, but for a Miata, these are the only ones used, some for obvious reasons e.g. all Miata's are convertibles.

J - Country of Origin, J = Japan

M - Car Manufacture, M = Mazda

1 - Vehicle type,1 is for cars, 2 is for trucks, & 3 for MPVs etc. (All Miata's are cars)

NB - Model Generation NA = M1 built from 90-98, NB = M2 built from 99-0x

35 - is the code for a Mazda convertible body style

3 - Engine size, 1 = 1.6 liter, B6P engine (90-93), 3 = 1.8 liter, BP engine (94-0x)

8 - is a check digit, 0 thru Z, but has no meaning

Y - Model Year Y is for a 2000

1990=L    1995=S    2000=Y    2005=5
1991=M   1996=T    2001=1    2006=6
1992=N   1997=V    2002=2    2007=7
1993=P    1998=W   2003=3    2008=8
1994=R    1999=X    2004=4    2009=9

0 - Manufacturing Plant. 1990 and all Miata's after 1993 have a 0 and 1991-1993's have a 0 or a 1 for Hofu, but according to Mazda Information Center in Japan, all Miata's have always been built in Hiroshima and no where else.

153757 - is the car production number, each new model year starts with 100000, so this was the 53757th. car built in 2000.

The VIN has no information about model (LS or Base), specific factory options or packages nor the car's color.

Call Mazda at 800-222-5500 with your VIN number to have Mazda check the factory database.

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