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360 Movie feeding the deer

This is the collection of the Flash animated slide shows collected
from the main page as runs are completed. They do not replace
the photo gallery pictures as they are more complete.
These are just small self running slide shows for your entertainment.
* - Any player or browser

Miatas on Parade

Various Runs in 2006 #1

Various Runs in 2006 #2

Various Runs in 2006 #3

Talimena Parkway Run 2006

Tech Day 2005 & Big Bend Run 2006

2006 Roundup in Kerrville

Too Early Wildflower Run 2007

Impromptu Run 2007

Austin Catfish Run 2007

Tim's Breakfast Run 2007

Wildflower Seed Run 2007

April Big Bend Run 2007

Wildflower Run 2007

Talimena Parkway 2007

Bend The Bend 2007

2007 Photos in Review

3 Muskateers Run 2009

2010 Miatas in Moab*

2010 Train ride in Colorado

2010 Driving in Colorado

2010 Driving the Leakey Run

4-9-11 Windfarms in Sweetwater*

2010 Bluebonnet Miata Runs*

2011 Bluebonnet Miata Runs*

2012 Alpine Memories*

2012 Bluebonnet Miata Run Titles*

2013 Bluebonnet Miata Christmas Party*

2016 Bluebonnet Miata Runs*

2017 Dark Dragon in 360*




2005 Roundup Images

The YO Resort

Supper at Steakhouse

The Cars

The Meetings



Jimbo's Run

Leakey and Beyond

Meet the Faulkners

Enchanted Rock Run

Sunrise Run


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