2019 Club Goals Update – President’s Message

2019 Club Goals Update

At the beginning of the year, the Board of Directors decided to use the Club Objectives (from the Bylaws) as our guiding principle for how we provide leadership.

“The Bluebonnet Miata Club is dedicated to the enjoyment of and the advancement of knowledge pertaining to the Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car and related MX-5 Miata events.  The club encourages the exchange of information about the MX-5 Miata by providing a vehicle for communication among MX-5 Miata owners and aficionados.”

We choose the following as the Why, How and What we do to support the Club Objectives:

Why we do what we do for the club:

  • To provide a personally enriching experience for a diverse membership that shares a common bond: the Miata!

How we do what we do for the club:

  • Welcome, engage and encourage participation of new and existing members.
  • Treat each other and all members with dignity and respect.

What we do for the club:

  • Encourage a calendar full of a variety of runs and activities, utilizing more than Saturdays.
  • Utilize multiple methods of communication for sharing information about the Miata and the Club Activities and Events
  • Educate and inform Members on how to participate in both local and national activities.

To accomplish this, we designated a few Goals. Below each goal is an update on our progress.

GOAL: Make a few things easier for club members (buying pins, stickers and name badges)

  • Arranged the tables at the meeting allowing space to purchase or order items, pay dues or join the club.
  • Updated forms for ordering badges, simplifying the record keeping, ordering and delivery of badges.
  • Created an ordering form with instructions in a self-addressed envelope for badge order requests that occur on runs or other times outside of regular meetings.

GOAL: Encourage membership participation in Activities and Runs

  • Added responsibility to the Vice President’s role who now sends advance communication to Run leaders to encourage run information be placed on the website a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the run and to use the Yahoo Groups Email to inform the membership.
  • Encouraging participation in our Runs, Events and Activities through regular communication in the Newsletter, the President’s Website Blog, and at the meetings.

GOAL: Evaluate Club communication methods

  • Completed a membership survey regarding our current communication approaches.
  • Determined the Club Website is the official “go-to” place for all club related information.
  • Provided clarification on our two email systems: MailChimp and Yahoo Groups. If you didn’t receive an email explaining this, you can learn more on the website in the President’s blog.
  • In the process of streamlining the New Member welcome packet and related information on the club website (to be complete this Summer).
  • While not identified as a goal, in a related matter the Newsletter will go through a transition as George Lucas hands off the responsibilities to another Club Member over the next few months.