2020 Board of Directors Update


The board of directors reviewed the 2019 budget and cash flow reports.  I’m pleased to share that the 2019 planned vs actual budget was in the black by $190.09.  The Club’s overall cashflow (which included some 2018 expenses of $128.25 and corrections to errors of $2.21) was also in the black for an overall total of $152.86.  Bottom line, your club’s accounts were wisely managed.  A copy of the financials (budget and cashflow) for 2019 are available to view at Club Meetings.

2020 Budget was set in accordance with anticipated 2020 income.  That is also available to view at Club Meetings.

2020 Goals

The Club Objectives (from the Bylaws) are our guiding principles.

“The Bluebonnet Miata Club is dedicated to the enjoyment of and the advancement of knowledge pertaining to the Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car and related MX-5 Miata events.  The club encourages the exchange of information about the MX-5 Miata by providing a vehicle for communication among MX-5 Miata owners and aficionados.”

The Why, How and What is how we support the Club Objectives:

Why we do what we do for the club:

  • To provide a personally enriching experience for a diverse membership that shares a common bond: the Miata!

How we do what we do for the club:

  • Welcome, engage and encourage participation of new and existing members.
  • Treat each other and all members with dignity and respect.

What we do for the club:

  • Encourage a calendar full of a variety of runs and activities, utilizing more than Saturdays.
  • Utilize multiple methods of communication for sharing information about the Miata and the Club Activities and Events
  • Educate and inform Members on how to participate in both local and national activities.

The above was adopted in 2019 and to continue this approach, we designated a few 2020 Goals.

  • Review various Ride GPS Tools for club membership to map and share runs.
  • Finish completion of New Member communication review/streamlining (carry over from 2019)
  • Engage idle members to participate more fully in club activities.
  • Financial Account Management – ensure each account is properly set up for its primary usage.

The following 2019 Goals were achieved and will continue to support the above approach to providing the best experience for our membership:

  • Make a few things easier for club members (buying pins, stickers and name badges)
  • Encourage membership participation in Activities and Runs
  • Evaluate Club communication methods

Please email any of us with questions.  We look forward to supporting you in what will be a great 2020!