2021 Texas Miata Challenge

Sponsored by the Lone Star Miata Club & Classic Mazda

2021 Texas Miata Challenge Map

Join us on 2021’s Texas Miata Ice Cream Challenge.

Drive to each of the designated points in Texas. Take a picture of you, your Miata, and the specified destination. If both driver and co-pilot are participating, both can appear in the same picture or take a picture of each person, your Miata, and the destination. Group pictures are also allowed as long as the picture clearly shows all participants and all their cars.

In addition to the 10 Ice Cream locations, participants must include a picture of you & your Miata at your favorite Dairy Queen location, after all Dairy Queen is the Texas STOP SIGN!

Entries with pictures from the 10 destinations will receive a specially designed Pin & T-Shirt. Shirts and Pins will be presented at the Texas Miata Roundup or mailed to the president of the club after the event has finalized. Pictures can be submitted electronically, online, or prints that are no larger than 4″ x 6″ on photo quality paper can be mailed.