A Year in Review

by Cheryl Knight

While the year isn’t over and the activities still abound, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of the members that have participated in organizing activities for the club.  Thank you to all those that have organized events this year!  The club continues to enjoy the experience of the “regulars”, members that lead runs and events year after year:  George Lucas and Marilyn McCullen, Paul and Judy Falkner, Gayle and Rich Sandenaw, Gus and Peggy Aguirre, Mark Hungerman, Stephanie Turner, Jim Treat, Dave and Marilyn Hamilton, Ed and Barbara Smith, Dan and Betty Hicks, George Brisco, the entire Holbrook Clan, Mike and Betty Jackson, and of course your’s truly – Cheryl and Joe Knight!  Please don’t be offended if I left any “regulars” off the list – I scanned the calendar thoroughly, but may have missed you.

A special thanks to Barbara Thompson for ensuring there were plans and hostesses for all the Miata Ladies events this year.  There was quite a variety of experiences offered and it was a nice way for the women in the group to drive their Miata’s and have some girl time.

Now, there are several of you I want to give a special shout out and congratulations to – you all have led your first organized run for the club this yearCONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Craig and his son Jared Martin led the Birthday and Anniversary Run
  • Ed and Helenann Polansky led the Dinner Run to PO PO’s
  • Robin Kendall led the Fun Gun Run
  • Pam and Larry Stivers led the Del Lago Al Rio Run
  • Teresa Marie and Dorothy Oakes led the Bat Out of Hell Run

These club members did a great job, stretched and gave of themselves to provide unique and fun experiences for the rest of us.  Please give them a pat on the back – it is well deserved. AND I hope you all consider adding a second run to the 2018 calendar.

Now I offer a challenge to the rest of you:   JOIN THE FUN – LEAD A RUN

Look for the Master Miata Run Checklist. It includes tips for the following:

  • Following your inspiration to choose what you do, where you go, etc.
  • Mapping out and testing the route
  • Choosing the start time and location
  • Finding the best pit stops and working with the venue you’ve picked
  • Scheduling and communicating to the club
  • Holding the Drivers Meeting
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Run Leader, Sweep, Relay, and Run Participants

Then in January, attend the calendar planning meeting (date to be announced), and schedule a run!

Zoom Zoom,  Cheryl