April 2019 President’s Message

Joe and I had the wonderful benefit of a recent vacation that included a trip to Havana, Cuba. An incredibly beautiful city, steeped in social and political history, with wonderfully pleasant people, yet they still lack many things we as United States Citizens take for granted.  Netflix, easy access to food, freedom of speech and non-government censured press and TV to name a few.  Not only are cars unaffordable, but their options in make and model are limited. And, if you are lucky enough to be able to afford a car, you may not be able to buy one as the number of cars allowed on the road is very limited.  I’ve never been in as large a city (2.3 mil), with well-maintained roads, that had so few cars out driving around.

While it was great to see all the old Chevy’s and other models from the 50’s, I was reminded of how fortunate we all are to be able to buy these amazing Miata roadsters and to drive them when we want and where we want.  Many people across the globe aspire to live the kind of life we have, and we get to live it!  So, let’s not squander our opportunities – the weather is perfect for some top down driving!  Come on out for one of the upcoming runs and enjoy your freedoms!

– Cheryl