BBMC Ladies – February Bunco

BBMC Ladies February Bunco

Bunco Fun at Betty’s

Our February bunco gathering in my home proved to be one of the most unusual in our year-plus history. Because some of our regulars and subs were ill, traveling, or had family emergencies, there were not enough subs available. With a couple of last-minute cancellations, we implemented Plan B which came about during a phone conversation with Beverly. As I shared my thoughts with her (should we cancel? … it’s raining and more expected! … King Ranch Chicken Casserole and German Chocolate Cake already prepared for twelve … It would be awkward to play with two empty chairs) she asked, “Do you want me to bring Chris?”

That’s when Plan B came together! I recalled that Chris played with us in November when Beverley hosted, so hopefully Dan would join us this time. I replied, “Yes! Bring Chris and I will ask Dan to play.” Both men agreed and it turned out to be a fun-filled evening.

Unfortunately, the March bunco has been cancelled by our host, Ennie McCurdy. Although she wanted to host, she based the decision to cancel on various member inputs and federal guidelines set forth to help stop the spread of the prolific COVID-19 virus. Wise call, Ennie. We look forward to meeting again as soon as the threat of this virus ends.

                                                                                    by Betty Hicks