Bluebonnet Miata Club (BBMC) Ladies

How exciting!  The Miata Ladies had a fabulous outing after a long break since March!

During our June outing we practiced social distancing and wore masks!

On Friday, June 12, 11 ladies toured the beautiful San Antonio Botanical Gardens.  It was a lovely cool morning and the gardens were lovely.

We ended our wonderful morning at the Historic  Pearl. We had a delicious lunch at Cafe Lorraine and then shopped, of course!

The best part of the whole adventure was that we were together once again!

Thank you Barbara Thompson for planning our June outing!

Until next month, stay safe everyone!

by Marilyn Hamilton

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

We the Texan Blue Bonnet Miata ladies missed each other so we each jumped at the chance to congregate with social distancing and masks of course. Yes we braved COVID 19 under Barbara’s stellar Organization and Lisa’s wisdom of getting is in at a much lower cost.

It was a beautiful Friday morning, blue skies and chirping birds. One by one we arrived at the botanical gardens. Eleven of us marveled at what a perfect day. Our other Blue bonnet sisters did not make this outing. We missed them each.

We of course so wanted to give hugs in greeting but we were good – we gave air hugs instead. What a joy it was to be together and in such gorgeous surroundings.

We each marvelled at how long it had been since we enjoyed the beautiful setting of the botanical gardens. Through generous donations and city support it has been renovated and designed to be the most welcoming of setting for both human and plants.

We teamed up and went off to explore each garden room. Our team of three Cheryl, Marilyn and I – Brenya loved our time catching up, joking, enjoying sharing about beautiful plants and edible plants. We took mental notes in regard to what we learned would work well in our own gardens. We stopped and frolicked on giant chairs and antique cabins. We had a blast.

When we eventually strolled back to meet up with our other Bluebonnet sisters they were readied to welcome us back. That’s when we had the delight of seeing Barbara’s quilt art. Talk about giftedness – so beautiful. It spoke of tales down yonder – Australia.

Then we three blew kisses to the others as we separated for next time.

Cars leaving – heading for lunch at the Pearl.  There we would see a monumental – legacy gift – the donated bell…..

Walk in beauty, walk toward beauty, be beauty
Brenya Buchalski