BBMC Ladies

Bluebonnet Miata Club (BBMC) Ladies

Although there have been many blessings associated with membership in the BBMC, the monthly gathering of ladies has added a new dimension to our club. Heartfelt thanks to Barbara Thompson for initiating this a few years ago and to Cheryl Knight for volunteering to lead us in 2018.

We fill the calendar each January when different ladies volunteer to plan and host a monthly activity. While there are too many to list all, here are some highlights. We drove our Miatas on a couple of runs (including the Twisted Sisters), played bunko, visited museums, had high tea, painted a beach scene in La Vernia, shopped and dined in Boerne, danced to some lively boot scootin’ songs in Bulverde, and made it through a New Braunfels escape haus adventure with seconds to spare!

The venues have been fun, but the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level outweighs all else. There’s a bonding now that makes all the club activities much more enjoyable. Our events are usually posted in the BBMC Newsletter. Since our October event was not included in the recent newsletter, I am posting it below.

I encourage the ladies who have not joined us to make plans to attend one or all our adventures. Future events are posted in our club newsletter. Also, we communicate via the BBMC Ladies Yahoo Group. Please email me at Betty Hicks if you have any questions or would like to participate.

San Antonio Museum of Art

In October the Miata Ladies enjoyed a trip to downtown San Antonio to the San Antonio Museum of Art.  We dined for lunch at Tre Tratorria (a Jason Dady Restaurant), now located in the Historic Beretta Hops House of the San Antonio Museum of Art overlooking the river walk. Jason Dady is also the Chef for several other well-known restaurants in San Antonio, including Two Brothers BBQ where the club has been for Lunar Zoomers in years past. You may also recall him from the TV show Iron Chef Gauntlet, where he came in 2nd last year.  Anyway, the food was magnifico!  After lunch we enjoyed a private tour by a wonderful docent named Judith that has been working at the Museum for close to 40 years (at least).  She was a delightful story teller and brought the paintings, statues and artwork to life.  We all agreed this is definitely the way to see the museum, as it is huge!

Admittedly, one of our favorite pieces is the Greek statue of a young Marcus Aurelius. Unfortunately, during the mid-1500’s, Christians opposed the display of genitals on nude statues, removed the aforementioned and covered them with fig leaves.  This poor statue had neither, so to avoid embarrassment on behalf of the statue and you the observer, I discreetly provided cover.  You’ll have to go for a visit yourself to enjoy the full experience!  We did!

— Cheryl Knight