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Bluebonnet Election Month

By Dan Hicks

And the nominees are:

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Cheryl Knight - Candidate for President

Cheryl KnightI have been a Bluebonnet Miata Club member since November 2011 and along with Joe we have led 2 to 3 runs a year since 2013. So many people asked what I did to put a run together, that I wrote a series of articles for our club Newsletter, In the Breeze.  In 2015, I was co-chair of the club’s 20th Anniversary Statewide Round-up. I have been the coordinator for the Miata Ladies events throughout 2018 and I am the 2019 Miata Round-up Event Chair.  

I work for H-E-B four days a week as a Leadership Development Manager where I curate, design and implement training and large events for leaders. Earlier in my career, I served on the board of directors as Membership Chair, Vice President and President for the Corpus Christi Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management, a professional organization.

As Chair of the 2019 Round-up, I am committed to delivering a successful event for our club and all our guests.  The round-up committee leadership team consists of wonderful Miata enthusiasts that are dedicated club members whose mission is “to attract Miata enthusiasts from across North America to participate in an unparalleled event resulting in memorable moments for all”.  Our goal as a team is to remain friends by treating each other with dignity and respect throughout the process of bringing this event to life.

I would like to see our club continue what has made us the wonderful social, Miata loving group that we are. I will also continue to champion new ways to enhance everyone’s experience. Being a part of the Bluebonnet Club has enriched our lives: everything I do and will continue to do is in service of providing the same enriching environment and experience for others.


Cheryl Knight

Paul Wilson - Candidate for President

Paul WilsonPersonal information

  • Masters degree in Education, administration
  • Retired from teaching science, curriculum development, testing and evaluation careers

Auto Enthusiast/Club background

  • “Raised” on British sports cars
  • Owned numerous sports cars; including MGs, Triumphs, Datsun Zs, Mazda RX-7s, Porsches, and currently in my 7th Miata
  • Member of the Bluebonnet Miata Club for 8 years. Prior memberships in the Z-Car Club of Texas, Tejas Miatas, Local branches of BMW Club, Porsche Club of America.

Leadership Experience

  • Vice President Z-Car Club of Texas (Dallas area) during the year we hosted the 2nd national Z-Car convention. Deeply involved in planning and execution of the event.
  • Secretary and Vice President of Tejas Miatas; VP when we hosted the Texas Roundup in New Braunfels. Involved in planning and execution of the event.
  • President of West Austin II Toastmasters; 2 years … achieved “President’s Distinguished” status both years (the highest level attainable).
  • Science Department chairman, school district curriculum development, Region 10 district evaluation team

Goals for Bluebonnet Miata Club during 2019

  • Facilitate and coordinate continued preparation for the 2019 Texas Miata Roundup. This is the opportunity for our Club to “put the best foot forward” by providing a superior event for all participants. As the premier Texas Miata Club, we have the opportunity to meet and exceed the expectations of a wide variety of participants. This will require not only enthusiastic and steady leadership, but the help of most Club members.
  • Though the Roundup is important; it’s perhaps MORE important to continue offering the well-planned runs, gatherings, multi-day trips, and other activities that our membership has come to expect each year. The Roundup will come and go; while continued Club health depends upon fulfilling the varied desires of our membership.
  • Respect and continue Club traditions while remaining open to new and different events and/or ways of accomplishing Club activities and growth.


The Bluebonnet Miata Club consists of people brought together by our mutual appreciation of a small Japanese sports car. Goals, personalities, and opinions vary; but we generally work together in a manner that provides varied activities appealing to different folks. My principal goal is to facilitate the health and growth of our Club while also providing a superior Roundup experience for our guests this coming September. Regardless of whether you choose Cheryl or me as your 2019 President, the Club will be in good hands.

Virginia Weaver - Candidate for Vice President

Virginia WeaverHi, I’m Virginia Weaver and I have been nominated for Vice President of our club for 2019.  I am truly honored to have been asked if I would be willing to serve our club.  

I originally joined the Bluebonnet Miata Club in April 2005 after purchasing my first Miata, Lil’ Red, 1990 Classic Red with a hard top.  I met Dave and Marilyn, Pat and Paula, Pat and Leon, Rohm and Barbara, and a few others on my first run.  Everyone was so welcoming.  I was hooked from the very start.  

Shortly after joining the club, I bought my second Miata (now an owner of 2).  She was the original “Paws”, a 2003 Shinsen.  I eventually sold Lil’ Red and went back to owning only one Miata.  

I participated in getting the word out for the 2005 Texas Miata Round-up by visiting Miata Club websites throughout the US and posting a blog about the round up put on by our club.  When the event happened, I participated in some of the decorating for the event, in particular, I remember standing up with the bear at the YO trying to put a banner on him.  

In 2007, at the November meeting, I was voted in as Club President for 2008.  Five days later, my daughter was killed in a car accident.  This club rallied around me and supported me beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I was a very active member of the club for several years, leading runs, participating in runs & other events, etc.  In 2012, after much struggle, I came to the decision that it was time to sell Paws.  

Unfortunately, that was probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.  I regretted it immediately.  After getting her back (wrecked), she went to her new home with Jeff Holbrook and team.  He turned her into a track car.  

During my absence from the club, I kept in contact with a few members and never left the bluebonnet email group.  October 2017 opened the door for me to trade my truck after a year and a half and buy my third Miata (first new one) aka “Paws II”.  It wasn’t until I went to the October meeting that I realized just how much I missed my friends in the club.  It is so great to be back.  

Now a year has passed and I have been on a few runs, including the trip to Alpine.  I am the registration chair with Harry as my co-chair for the 2019 Miata Round-up.  It was an honor to serve the club back in 2008 and it is an honor to be nominated to serve in 2019.  I have a great passion for Miata’s as well as all of you.  I feel closer to my daughter being back.  My life is becoming full again!  The missing piece has been found.  

‘Til next time, keep on zoomin’

Virginia & Paws II

Ed Smith - Candidate for Vice President

Ed SmithI’ve been asked to prepare a short bio and a brief message about why I am running for vice-president.

My Miata adventure began when Barbara and I bought our first MX5 in 2010.  We soon attended a roundup in Eureka Springs Arkansas and had a great time with a fantastic group of enthusiasts.  We had to find a club closer to home and joined the Bluebonnet Miata club in 2011.  We attended most Saturday runs and the second thru eighth Head for the Mountains, joined almost every out-of-state run in the past seven years and have enjoyed every moment.  I have led about a dozen local runs and a small group to Park City Utah for a roundup held there.  Three years ago I started our yearly Schoolhouse Run on the first Saturday of April and I hope to continue this run for years to come.

I served on the 2015 Roundup committee acting as the resident fund raiser from the Kerrville area and led four runs during the weekend.  I am presently serving on the 2019 Roundup Team as the chairman of the Run Committee and co-chair of the Sponsorship Committee.

My business experience was with AT&T where I retired after 26 years as a District Manager responsible of about 1000 employees spread across six states.  I then started a Consulting Service in the Real Estate industry for seven years until I was hired as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for a medium size business in Fredericksburg where I worked for 15 years.  That business had 65 full-time and about 20 part-time employees with an annual $4M operating budget, $2M payroll and in my last two years before retiring, a $5M capital expense budget.  In 2016 I got restless again and acquired a small business in Fredericksburg where I am presently the owner-operator along with one full-time and two part-time employees.

Early in my life is was elected as the Civil Defense Director and Fire Marshal for the town I lived in, served as a Lieutenant in the local Volunteer Fire Department and Secretary for the same.  I have served as Treasurer for the Knights of Columbus, President of a church organization, a member of both the Pastoral Council and Finance Council for my church.  I am currently the Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors of a 501(c)(3) non-profit company that spans all of Texas and expanded into Louisiana this year.

If elected as Vice-president of the Bluebonnet Miata club, my past business experience and love of Miata’s should complement the other officers of the club.

Respectfully, Ed Smith

These positions are running unopposed and they are held by the current officers:

Treasurer: Joe Knight

Secretary: Stephanie Bell-Turner

It’s election time once again. No, I’m not talking about the national mid-term elections, but rather the annual election of officers for the 2019 Bluebonnet Miata Club. Our by-laws required that a nominating committee be formed in August, consisting of three members, approved by the board and presented at the membership meeting the same month. These three people were charged with finding viable candidates for each of the executive board positions of the club. These consist of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.

During the past sixty days the committee set criteria for selection of nominees, received nominations from the membership, and also searched and interviewed candidates for each of the board positions. All positions were considered open to any member (in good standing) desiring to run for office.

The nominating committee presented its recommendations at the club meeting in October preceding the annual business meeting in November. During the October meeting, members were given the opportunity to nominate additional candidates for inclusion in the slate of nominees. At the conclusion of the October meeting, the nomination process was closed, and now the members will have thirty days (30) to contemplate their selection for each of the board positions.

The election of executive board officers will be at the annual business meeting of the club in November. The election of board officers will be by secret ballot and will be elected by a majority vote of those members present at the meeting.

A $30 membership gets two votes, one for each member.
A $25 membership gets one vote.
You must be present at the November 27th meeting to vote.

The future success of our club depends on good people devoting their time and effort to ensuring that the club continues to meet the needs of all the members. Each of the board positions requires dedicated people who really care about our club and want to make it even better than it is now.


Thank You Nominees!

We have a great club with a lot of available talent and we are grateful that we have some highly qualified candidates to choose from to represent the club in 2019.

Our Nominating Committee was presented at the August 28, 2018 meeting, and have worked diligently to fulfill their task.
They took their jobs seriously and followed the By Laws of this club.

The committee consisted of:

David Hamilton, Richard Sandenaw and Jim Voss


They have now presented the slate officers at the October meeting on the 23rd.
See the list at the top of this post.

If you have any questions please email them below.

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