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Thread: Strange Speedometer???

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    Question Strange Speedometer???

    Okay, I'm doing what I'm *supposed* to be doing...asking a question here on the FORUM.

    My speedometer intermittently stops working. That's right, suddenly I'll be driving and the speedometer needle falls to 0. Sometimes it works again while driving, then stops again. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the cruise control. It does the same thing with the cruise control on and off.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? I thought the speedometer was direct, but now I'm thinking it's electronic.

    Anyone? Anyone?
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    I bet your speed sender is loose, or has a stray ground. When my cable was loose (NA) it had the same symptoms. Give it a whirl.

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    Pull the cable and check it first. It is mechanical and spins so if anything is wrong that would be the first thing to go. Usually the square tip breaks off from the cable and will occasionally catch and spin the cable intermittently.
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    01 = electric speedo sensor, it hooks in the trans like the cable does, but then wires instead of a cable, It is worth checking the sensor. I bet that is all it is.

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    That's strange because I noticed the exact same issue driving down 281 yesterday. I watched my speedo bounce from 0 to 60 and back about 4 times. It was kind of entertaining. I only wish I could achieve those kinds of times.

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    Mr. Faraday, this is what occurs when you come to a complete stop. It is perfectly normal for that needle to drop down to zero when you're not moving.

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