Castell General Store Run

Castell General Store Run
June 13, 2020

I just had to get out of the house and go on a run. Cheryl asked me not to cancel and I didn’t need any convincing. I chose a destination that has no exposure to the pandemic and served great food. Little did I know how busy the place is on a Saturday. Barbara and I made a test run several months ago to layout the route and I followed Rich Sandenaw’ example of using Signup Genius to circumvent the usual signup sheet and to help monitor the potential attendees.

We made a final reconnaissance the day before the scheduled run, and I’m glad we did. One of the Llano county roads that we planned to travel was being repaved by the county! Making a last minute route change we added a stop in Llano. It turns out, that extra pit stop was welcomed by all.

The run topped out with 19 cars and 32 people. I think everyone enjoyed the route with many commenting about the first section on Hassenwinkle road. This is my favorite route from home to Kerrville or Comfort. Llano County road 113 was new for everyone except Stan Chambers (turns out he’s been on every road in Texas J ). The county road we skipped will be on a future run.

Most everyone stayed for lunch at the Castell General Store and we even ran into George Lucas’ brother who was dining there – small world. If the world gets back to something near normal, I will lead another run later this year. See you there I hope.

 – Ed Smith

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