Communication Survey

This last month I requested club member input via a survey and I appreciate many of you taking the time to provide your thoughts on our communication methods. One of the Board of Director’s goals for 2019 is to evaluate the communication methods utilized by the club in an effort to ensure we are getting the right information out the best way possible.

The survey is still open and the final results aren’t available by this month’s newsletter deadline; however, there is some initial feedback to share.

Of the responses received so far, the overwhelming answer to the question about where you would prefer to see run and activity information is the Website. This highlights the importance of sending your information to our webmasters for posting on the club calendar. Currently, a mixture of the Official Club Email, the website, and Yahoo Emails are the most frequently utilized for run and activity information.

Several things surfaced in the open comments section. A desire for more car talk, utilizing Text Messaging for run updates, finding a way where the waiver isn’t required at each run. A few other thoughts shared: keep the Yahoo Emails professional – it’s not a place to air grievances, have more tech days, share minutes from Board Meetings, hold Sunday runs.

As you can see from the initial responses, there are many things for us to consider. By next month the survey results should be finalized and a more comprehensive report can be shared. Again, thank you for providing your input!

– Cheryl