Final 2020 President’s Message

This is my final blog as President
of the Bluebonnet Miata Club!

I have enjoyed serving in the role of President for the past two years and getting to know so many of you.  It has been a great two years.  Personally, Joe and I held a Best Hamburger Run competition in 2019 and three Winery Runs in this year of Covid-19.

In the last two years, the board of directors completed a communication evaluation (with membership input collected via survey) determining the Yahoo group email and the Bluebonnet Miata website as the most preferred methods of receiving information on club activities. Now, with the shuttering of Yahoo Groups, we are transitioning to Google Groups for our club informational email method. We successfully put on an enviable Texas Round-up with so many of you participating, while clubs like the Houston Miata club are shutting down.   We implemented pay-online membership dues and attended to the club’s banking structure to make depositing dues easier and ensuring we are collecting the most interest, while keep our funds liquid. The club is well positioned with money to cover our insurance deductible, sizeable start-up funding for a future round-up, and a sizable contingency fund should the club encounter financial difficulties. We are blessed as a club to have so many dedicated servant leaders and active members.

Even through the pandemic, we’ve held together, having to pivot and do things so very differently.  After a 2 to 3-month hiatus, we figured out how to hold socially safe runs, resume our Adopt-A-Highway trash pickup, hold our monthly meetings over Zoom (like the rest of the world), and even organize a Christmas party.

I’ll continue to serve on the board in the role of Past President and look forward to many more runs, activities, and events as the world finds their way past Covid-19.  Thank you for your support and participation!!

Cheryl Knight
Bluebonnet Miata Club President