January 2019 President’s Message

Your 2019 Board of Directors is off to a quick start this year. We have developed our 2019 focus and goals and we’ve prepared a budget for managing the club funds for the year. As the Bluebonnet Board of Directors, here is the Why, How and What we plan to do for the club in our capacity as volunteer leaders.

Why we do what we do for the club:

  • To provide a personally enriching experience for a diverse membership that shares a common bond: the Miata!

How we do what we do for the club:

  • Welcome, engage and encourage participation of new and existing members.
  • Treat each other and all members with dignity and respect.

What we do for the club:

  • Encourage a calendar full of a variety of runs and activities, utilizing more than Saturdays.
  • Utilize multiple methods of communication for sharing information about the Miata and the Club Activities and Events.
  • Educate and inform Members on how to participate in both local and national activities.


To accomplish this, we’ve established a few Goals.

  • Evaluate Club communication methods
  • Encourage membership participation in Activities and Runs
  • Make a few things easier for club members (buying pins, stickers and name badges)

Of course, much of our focus will be on ensuring the Round-Up is a huge success. We can’t do it alone — I hope you’ll join us in making 2019 a fun and fulling year!