January 2020 President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Miata Enthusiasts!

It’s the new roaring 20’s and we are fired up! 

If we missed you at the Christmas Party, you’ll find some pictures in this edition.  There were many recipients of awards in the Crazy Christmas Sweater Contest!

As I’m sure you know, Jimbo Treat has joined the board of directors as the vice president for 2020 and the board is off and running.  The first official Board of Directors meeting took place immediately after the Annual Planning Meeting.  Check out the article 2020 Board of Directors Update in this month’s newsletter and a new blog post on this website – for details on the goals and budget.

Speaking of the Planning Meeting, our loyal run leaders have planned many outings to get you out on the road and socializing in 2020.  Inspired by the Bluebonnet Miata Ladies monthly outings, George Lucas is adding a monthly Men’s Club activity on the same day each month.

All the run and activity dates are on the club website, so you can start planning.  Details for each activity will be added as they become available.

Oh, and in case you missed it, there is a very nicely done 5-part series on YouTube about the Miata:  keyword search for Mazda Miata Documentary.