Joy and Blessings!

By Betty Hicks

While pondering this past weekend, when many of our club members gathered to celebrate Christmas, it made me realize how much I appreciate the efforts by so many who made our party and brunch and memorable events.

Christmas Party Committee

Thank you and God bless you to Marilyn Hamilton, Lisa Martin, Gayle Sandenaw, Barbara Thompson, and Delia Voss. You helped make our weekend special. I know Dan thanked you as part of the program, but I regret that I didn’t thank you publicly as well. You did so much behind-the-scenes work, and I really appreciate it. It was a blessing to spend time downtown throughout the year to enjoy lunch while we planned the party and brunch. And, thank you, Judi Privett, for helping all year with beautiful flyers, posting party updates, encouragement, and so much more. You provided the appeal and beauty that brought us together.


Ed Smith’s invocation started our party off in an exceptional way. In addition to giving thanks for our time together and the meal, He provided some history about one of the best-loved Christmas songs in America, Silent Night, which tells the story of our reason to celebrate. Thanks, Ed, for your dedication and for expressing your faith in special ways.

Party Entertainment

Craig and Lisa Martin made our evening so very special with music, skits and sing-along songs. The Santa Skit, starring Lisa as Elfie, along with Paul Faulkner and Craig Martin who each claimed to be Santa, started the party off on a cheerful note. Craig’s song, “I Am Santa,” and guitar playing was delightfully entertaining. Lisa’s acapella rendition of “Mary Did You Know” served as another beautiful reminder of the reason for this season – Christ’s birth.

Paul Faulkner did an outstanding job of standing in for Santa at the last minute. And the folks Elfie recruited to be in the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” skit did a great job too!

Gift Exchange

Never at a loss for words, Stephanie Bell-Turner organized the gift exchange and kept it rolling with her fun-loving dialogue. Thanks, Stephanie, for your humor and for keeping us on track.

Silent Auction

Thanks again to the donors and those who participated in helping the club raise over $1,000.00 toward the 2019 Texas Miata Roundup. Your efforts will contribute to what promises to be a record-setting event!

  • Paul Faulkner for the uniquely-framed Golden Gate Bridge Architectural Drawing
  • Marilyn Hamilton for the beautifully painted and framed San Antonio Riverwalk Painting
  • Craig and Lisa Martin for the Flyin’ Miata Gift Certificate
  • Janis Rosebush for the one-hour Swedish Massage
  • Gayle Sandenaw for not one, but two quilts: The gorgeous Texas Wall Hanging Quilt and the coveted Miata T-Shirt Memories Lap Quilt
  • Barbara Thompson for the beautiful Vera Bradley Cosmetic Organizer Set
  • Jim Voss for two shooting opportunities: Basic Pistol Safety/Shooting Class and Texas License to Carry Handgun Class
  • Cheryl Knight and Judi Privett who joined me in contributing a Wine Basket – and, thanks, Judi, for putting it together with sweet and savory treats and making it beautiful!


Thanks, Don and Judi Privett, for posting so many great photos from the party and brunch on the best website a club could dream of. And, thanks to Charles Mims and Marilyn Hamilton for taking the photographs.

Last, but not Least

A huge thank-you to our 2018 president (my dear husband) Dan Hicks for helping control a major part of our evening that I couldn’t have pulled off. He negotiated with the parking contractor when we heard the lot was likely to fill up early because the hotel was hosting two other huge parties. For several hours, Dan literally ran to and fro in the parking lot directing club members to parking places while removing and setting up barriers. And, somehow, he found a way to reserve a spot for our newly elected president, Cheryl Knight, and her “First Man,” Joe, who arrived at 9:00 pm after attending another party.

Paul and Wanda Begnoche, along with Jim and Delia Voss, blessed Dan and I with their presence Friday night and Saturday at the SA Riverwalk. A great big hug and thanks to them for helping us keep a semblance of sanity by providing encouragement and support in the hours leading up to our party and brunch.

It was truly a blessing to join hands with so many dedicated members who volunteered much time and talent to make our 2018 Christmas Party and brunch a success. We made special memories at the El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel and the Guenther House this year. I am grateful for all who worked to make it a wonderful weekend and for those who expressed their appreciation to our volunteers.

I hope everyone will work together in 2019 to make more special memories for our club members as well as those who travel from other places to attend our events.

May God bless all of you for your efforts and may your new year be filled with joy and blessings!

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  1. Cheryl Knight

    Betty, what a lovely tribute to everyone that made the weekend a wonderful celebration of Christmas, each other and our passion for our Miatas! We are truly blessed to have a wonderful club of actively involved members. Have a blessed Holiday!