July 2019 President’s Message

Happy Summer fellow Miata Lovers!  I hope you are enjoying the hot days with partly cloudy skies we’ve been having so many of this month.  Even top up runs are fun and for the weather-seasoned, I’m sure you are loving the top down, even in this heat.  However, the Buchalski’s recent run had temps in the 70’s and low 80’s most of the morning!

Speaking of the Buchalski’s Chisholm Trail run, there was an excellent example of how this club looks out for each other.  We had just turned off a main road when Lynn Phelps radioed that he’d blown a tire and would call AAA – for us to go on without him.  Within seconds, cars pulled over, Mark Hungerman produced a NC size spare tire (he happened to load up that morning), Joe Knight had a larger than Miata size breaker bar, and several of the members rallied to get that tire changed. It was like a slow-motion pit stop during a race – within 15 or so minutes the tire was changed, blown tire tied down in the trunk, and we were back on the road. It was a beautiful thing!

There are many activities over the next month, several round-up practice runs and George Brisco’s annual Bat Cave run on a Saturday afternoon.  There is also a Sunday run planned. And, August will wrap up with the Head for the Mountains event out to the Big Bend, organized by George Lucas.  Also, you are encouraged to come out and help with the Highway cleanup efforts – we do it early before it gets TOO hot and then of course the reward (besides feeling good about giving back) is the post trash pick-up visit to Grumpy’s for a yummy breakfast and lively conversation.  Hope to see you out and about the rest of the Summer!