July/August 2020 President’s Message

Fall Greetings Bluebonnet Miata Club!

This has been the longest 5 months! Seems like a year since we were slowly realizing a pandemic was occurring. Many have lost their jobs, or are working from home, businesses shut down, restaurants trying to re-learn how to make money, school kids sent home and now some are back, travel plans canceled. Ugh! Ready for this to be over. Until then, we’ll keep having our club meetings over Zoom and runs will be different than in the past. The amazing social aspect to our club has radically been altered – but not forever!

Our membership renewals have slowed a bit; however, we still had a few new members join over the last several months. It is important that we maintain our membership and keep up with our annual dues, so that when we can get back to regular meetings and runs, we still have the funding to support the club resources and activities as we have in the past. If you are used to paying your dues at a meeting, I ask that you watch your inbox for a reminder from our membership chair, Harry Maxwell, and either pay via the website or mail him a check, rather than wait for the next meeting. Meetings at Big’z likely won’t resume until next year sometime. In the meantime, planning a run is easier than ever now. You don’t need to schedule a meal, worry about a sign in sheet or holding a driver’s meeting. Just pick your starting place, route and tell everyone to bring a radio and hit the road. Let any of the board of directors know if you need some guidance.

Cheryl Knight
Bluebonnet Miata Club President