July’s Update on 2019 Texas Miata Round-Up

July’s Update on Round Up

Well, this is it! We are heading into the last full month before the Round-Up in late September.  Wow, it has been a busy year working with Judi Privett and the rest of the committee leaders on this amazing project. Our mission is “to attract Miata enthusiasts from across North America to participate in an unparalleled event, resulting in memorable moments for all.”  We are very close to this being a reality.  As of today, when I’m writing this, there are only 2 slots left before we hit our maximum capacity of 300 people.  Wow, 300!  We were optimistic, and the result has been awesome. And, at last check we had people coming from 15 different states (spanning California to Florida) and Canada.

Our goal as a committee leadership team is “to remain friends by treating each other with dignity and respect throughout the process of bringing this event to life.” I think we’ve done a pretty good job of that, in fact, many of us have become closer friends.  This is not to say we haven’t disagreed on approach or ideas, but in general, everyone has remained open to discussions and we’ve taken a very democratic approach to solving problems.  Personally, the best for me has been the initiative, willingness, and the leadership (in both action and ideas) that the committee leaders have provided towards both our mission and our goal.

As we wrap up final details and schedules, what is most important is the experience itself.  We want everyone to have a positive, memorable experience.  Part of ensuring that happens will involve many of you attending to help us bring that into reality.  We are creating schedules for volunteers that will allow you to have fun participating and do a little to help ensure the event is great for our non-Bluebonnet guests too.  At the very least, a big smile and a “Howdy, welcome to the Texas Hill Country!” will go a long way!

I thank you in advance for what you are all doing to ensure this is a memorable experience for everyone!

Cheryl Knight
Chair, 2019 Texas Miata Round UP