June 2019 President’s Message

Greetings fellow Miata Enthusiasts!  As I’m writing this, we’ve had one of the most Spring like weather weeks in the San Antonio area since last year.  It’s been a delight and wonderful for driving topless.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it like we have. As we approach July, your fellow club members are providing several activities to participate in: there are runs every weekend.

As a club, our biggest goal for the year is to provide an amazing Texas Miata Round Up in September.  See the Princess Dairies Blog for an update on the excellent progress your committee members are making. In addition to that body of work, your Board of Directors continues to focus on the 2019 goals: 1) Make a few things easier for club members, 2) Encourage participation in Activities and Runs, and 3) Evaluate Club Communication. See the 2019 Club Goals Update President’s Blog for more details.

At the end of June, many club members are heading up to Bentonville, Arkansas to join the NW Miata Club as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.  The Ozarks are a fun place to drive and their club provides great hospitality.  If you’re not getting a chance to go this time, I highly encourage participating in these types of regional events.  It is a blast to drive new areas, meet other Miata enthusiasts, and have lots of fun in the evenings!  Speaking of regional events, if you haven’t registered for ours, you might want to consider it.  Check out the website: texasmiataroundup.com  We’ve got less than 20 spots open!