Lane Changer

Lane Changer

One-Touch Lane Changer

by Ed Smith

Last month I wrote about the third-brake light flasher. Today we review another inexpensive addition that makes our driving a little bit easier.

The ND has this as a standard feature but earlier Miata’s may want to add a “lane changer” feature to their directional lights. The directional switch has two settings in each direction (left/right). When you hold the directional switch part-way, the directional lights blink until you release it. This first setting is sort of ‘spring loaded’ and the switch returns to the neutral position when you release the pressure. The second setting is to push the switch all the way to where it locks in the ‘on’ position. It remains ‘on’ until you rotate the steering wheel and complete your turn.

The new ‘Lane Changer’ feature allows you to momentarily activate the spring loaded setting and the directional lights will continue to blink seven additional times. The additional flashes should allow you to complete the lane change without holding the pressure on the switch or inadvertently locking it into the ‘on’ position. No more driving down the road with your directional lights blinking.

The smart one-touch lane changer module by Kahtec costs $29.95 and is installed into the directional light wiring. Easy access to the wiring is through the trunk. In my NC PHRT it took me about an hour to install, most of the time was removing and reinstalling the interior lining from the trunk to get access to the wiring. Anyone with a little wiring knowledge can easily install this modification. The module measures 2”x2”x ¾ “ and comes with all the connectors, wire and instructions included.

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Standard Blinking Smart One Touch Lane Changer
Item Number: 301-2001-01