Lazy Bones Run

Lazy Bones Run
June 20, 2020

I wanted to have a very successful run, so I did a little more preparation than usual. I drove the route twice. Alone the first time and again with Betty the day before. With 21 cars signed up, I was concerned (Covid-19) with having too many people congregating around their cars before start time. With the assistance of Rich Sandenaw, I split the cars into two group as. I led the first group and we left a few minutes early. Rich took the second group and left about 10 minutes later. What sounds good on paper usually doesn’t pan out in actuality and this run was no exception. We tried communicating between the groups with cell phones but in the Texas Hill Country coverage is sometimes spotty.

We had some rain during the run which, unfortunately, resulted in some unexpected excitement. My group had one car go off the road with no damage and then two cars made a very quick stop with both sustaining minor damage. The two groups finally met up at Old West Burgers for a great meal and an opportunity to share our take on the day’s events.

Jim, the owner of Old West, made us feel right at home and in fact had delayed his vacation to accommodate us that Saturday. That’s customer service at its best!

Overall, we had a great time with mostly good weather and great roads. There are parts of this run that many people said they would like to drive again. That section is Old Blanco Rd/Kendalia Rd off of Edge Falls Rd heading north towards Blanco in case any of you want to try it again.

The best part of every run with our club is the great people that we have. It is so much fun to share the enjoyment of driving with like-minded folks. I would encourage anyone who has not yet led a run to give it a try.

Let’s Zoom again soon!!
Dan & Betty Hicks

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