Leap Year Winery Run

Leap Year Winery Run
February 29th

Cheryl and Joe led us on a fantastic run to Augusta Vin Winery – it was a beautiful place and we had a great group of Miata friends along for the ride.

The weather was gorgeous and the roads a lot of fun. And their wines were superb!

We enjoyed a nice snack and great company in their upstairs loft, unfortunately it was just a bit windy to sit outside on the balcony.

I hope Cheryl & Joe lead us back their sometime soon.

A bit of info about the winery:

Augusta:  Latin. Feminine form of Augustus; meaning majestic dignity. How could we not choose this as our first Winery Run?

From the Augusta Vin website   Wine should be celebrated, experienced and enjoyed. Augusta Vin provides an opportunity to bring people together—with each other and with nature. At Augusta Vin, our mission is to set a new standard for the Hill Country winery. We hope to captivate you with superior hospitality and an unparalleled ambiance accentuated by our lush gardens and breathtaking natural views.  augustavin.com

Augusta Vin is an Estate Winery meaning all their vineyards are controlled or owned by the winery.  They manage production beginning to end!  The Winery is located on Hwy 16, 6 miles west of downtown Fredericksburg. They pride themselves on hospitality and customer service, so it was a very nice experience.

Also click here to check out this Walkthrough Video