May 2019 President’s Message

May to June, it’s a time of transition from Spring to Summer, Graduations from one stage of life to another, Basketball Playoffs – going from being one of many to the best final few.  Spring has been beautiful this year as expressed by the abundance of wildflowers and yet the contributing factor (wet weather) has diminished our ability to enjoy a lot of top down driving.  Hopefully the transition from Spring to Summer will allow for some great days of peak driving weather. There are several fun runs scheduled for June, starting with the combined Polansky’s picnic pursuit and a star party at the Faulkner’s, the Hicks Peachy Keen run to Fredericksburg, the Miata Ladies outing organized by Lisa Martin, George’s Painted Churches Run (always a hit), Lunar Zoomer dinner, the Voss’s Medina Round Up Run, and finally culminating with the NW Arkansas Miata Club 20th Anniversary Bash.  Joe and I have our reservations in, as do several others – I hope you will join your fellow club members on the trek to the Ozarks.  The NW Arkansas club offer beautiful hills, fantastic roads and wonderful hospitality.  Now, let’s get out there and enjoy some top down driving in this time of transition!