May 2020 Coronavirus Update

Greetings Zoomers!

To begin hosting club organized runs and to ensure our membership remains healthy, here are some suggestions for hosting runs while the State of Texas is going through the reopening phases. It may feel a bit awkward not to hold runs in the normal fashion; however, many of you are anxious to get back on the road with all your club pals. I hope these ideas help you to re-imagine leading a run until there is a solution to stop the spread of Covid-19.

  • Avoid congregating for driver meetings & sign-in sheets
    • Ask members to email you if they are interested in attending, so you can email them the run sheet or don’t use a run sheet.
    • Use the free web-service, SIGN UP GENIUS to have members sign up for your runs, so you know who to send run sheet to or how many plan to attend.
    • For those that do email on your phones – plan to email the run from your phone to those that show up.
    • A sign-in sheet is not necessary, per our insurance provider.
    • Hold the Driver’s Meeting via radio while in or standing at your cars. Those without radios, stand closer to the run leader.
  • What about dining?
    • Either use the drive thru or plan with the restaurant to comply with the limited service requirements (you may need to limit the number on the run).
    • Break the run into smaller groups if numbers get too big.
    • Go to a drive-thru and eat in a picnic type of setting.  Many Parks are requiring reservations for day passes right now, so check on specifics.
    • End the run in an area with several different eating places close by so that the group doesn’t tax a restaurant.
    • Don’t include dining as part of the run.
  • Above all continue to practice the recommended social distancing guidelines and use common sense to ensure we care for all our members, as well as our Texas neighbors.

If you want to lead a club run, please check the calendar – there are many openings – and email so it can be placed on the calendar.  If you want to cancel or reschedule a planned run, please notify our webmasters as well.

Thank you! Have fun! Stay safe!

Cheryl Knight