May 2020 President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Miata Enthusiasts!

As we are entering a new normal, I invite you to consider what being a club member means to you.  For me, it’s about being part of a community that loves to drive the Miata. We live in a special place that allows us to do that frequently and in short order.  I also find great inspiration from many of our members – I see you as fearless adventurers that don’t let aches and pains or illness slow you down.  I admire that!  None of that changes for me in our new normal.

What does look different is how we go about it – for the time being anyway.  Social distancing and mask wearing is about about protecting ourselves and showing concern for those that are at risk.  And being at risk, shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying a drive in the Miata. Attitudes on this are going to vary, but we can respect each other’s perspective and understand why we may be staying apart or at least a few feet away. Do I like it? No, but the best minds are recommending it for the time being.  That being said, we can still get in our Miatas and enjoy the Texas Hill Country roads!  So while we may need to hold virtual club meetings for a while, we can begin getting back out into our beloved Miatas and onto our great roads. If you are open to socially distancing together, I hope to see you join in one of our upcoming runs.  It will be great to see you, even if it is from 6 feet away!

Cheryl Knight
Bluebonnet Miata Club President