November 2019 President’s Message

Happy Fall Bluebonnet Club!

We are wrapping up the year with our final official club meeting and officer elections.

On December 7th we’ll kick off the Christmas Holidays with a holiday themed run on Saturday and a Christmas Party on Sunday. Then join the group and head to the Camp Verde store on December 14th and then see Christmas lights on the 22nd.  Check the calendar on for details and additional activities.  In early January, there will be a planning meeting to schedule dates you would like to lead runs or any weekend trips for the club.  What makes our club great is anyone can organize and lead a run, a dinner, some other activity or even a trip.  The road is endless when it comes to doing what you want and inviting the club to join you.  For guidance, there are resources on the club website, or just ask anyone that has led a run this year.  The more the merrier!  Have a wonderful holiday season, and I hope to see you on the road or celebrating the season!