November 2020 Election Update

No Voting Necessary!

During the October club meeting, the nominating committee presented the following candidates for board of director officer positions for 2021.

PRESIDENT: Craig Martin, unopposed

VICE PRESIDENT: incumbent Jimbo Treat, unopposed

SECRETARY: Betty Jackson and incumbent Stephanie Bell-Turner

TREASURER: incumbent  Joe Knight, unopposed

In the meantime, Betty Jackson made the decision to withdraw her nomination acceptance.  Therefore, since all the positions are unopposed, each candidate is elected by acclamation.  Which means they will be announced at the November club meeting, no voting necessary, and we will celebrate and welcome them to their roles for 2021. Congratulations everyone!

By Cheryl Knight

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  1. Bill & Kari Hull

    Congratulations and thank you to the Nominating Committee and to the nominees! What a great outcome!