Preparing for the Big Day

by Cheryl Knight

If you’ve been following along this year, you’ve learned my perspective on preparing to lead your own run:

  • Following your inspiration to choose what you do, where you go, etc.
  • Mapping out and testing the route
  • Choosing the start time and location
  • Finding the best pit stops and working with the venue you’ve picked
  • Scheduling and communicating to the club

It’s almost time for you to do it, don’t you think?

This summer is a great time for you to pick a date and invite us to join you! There are 2 Saturday’s open in July, 3 in August and 3 in September!

So, the big day is coming….what else can you do to ensure you’re revved up and ready to roll?

Print out a copy of the sign-up sheet which is found on the website in the guidelines section. Bring a clipboard and pen to make the job easier.  You must get everyone to sign the waiver prior to starting the run.

Create your run sheet and print out more copies than you think you will need (20 to 30). A basic template is also included in the guidelines section of the website.

  • Be sure to include your name and phone number, in case someone gets lost and is out of radio range.
  • If you include how long (mileage) each segment is as well as the cumulative mileage total, you will meet the needs of both type of navigators/drivers.  Some like to know how long till the next turn while others want to know at what mileage they should be turning (there is a difference!).  The running total or cumulative mileage assumes that you are asking everyone to reset their trip meter to 0 when departing – this also assumes they remember to do it.  AND, if you miss a turn or somehow get off track a little bit, it throws the cumulative mileage off – that’s why I like to include both.
  • I also like to include the destination address and phone number.  Again, if someone in your run should make an unplanned stop or gets otherwise separated from the group, they will at least be able to meet up at your chosen venue.

Plan what you want to cover in the driver’s (safety) meeting, which happens before you depart on the run.

Be sure to take your walkie-talkie radios.

Arrive early so you can ensure the cars get lined up where you want at the starting location.

Identify someone that will be your sweep. You can do this ahead of time, or just take volunteers that day.  There is always someone willing to take the role of being the last car in the line-up and ensuring that everyone makes it to the destination.  More about this very important role in the future.

Stay tuned this summer for more on holding an effective drivers meeting, responsibilities of the lead (you) and sweep during the run, quirky run terminology and using your walkie-talkie radios.

What Are You Waiting For?