President’s Message 2021 – Back to Big’z!

I am so proud of all of you in our club.  It’s been a real treat for me to see so many people out attending the runs and all the fellowship that follows.

We have zoomed through many challenges together over the years, and coronavirus is just another challenge we need to survive through. We adapted and have had ZOOM meetings since we couldn’t meet together as a group. Many kudos for Cheryl Knight for setting all that up and keeping it going!  Thank you, Cheryl.

Our strength lies in being together with each other in these times.  Being together helps our club to grow, and we learn new things from each other.

I have good news to share!  Our April 27 ZOOM meeting will be our last online meeting. Starting May 25, we will once again meet back at Big’z Burgers. We’ll meet in the same room as before (out back for those of you who haven’t been there).  Big’z is excited to have us back, and the feedback I’ve gotten from a lot of you is it’s time to once again attend our meetings live! I’m excited!

Current CDC guidelines for attending events applies, and Big’z has asked us to wear masks when we aren’t eating, which of course has been standard for a while.  Personal responsibility comes into play here.  We aren’t going to force anyone to attend.  You have to decide if you are ready to venture out and attend the meetings. We won’t be doing both live and ZOOM meetings.

I do hope to see everyone there so we can officially “christen” our first live meeting in over a year!

Craig Martin
Bluebonnet Miata Club President