My New Purses are Just Like Miata Trunks

Cheryl's New PurseMy New Purses are Just Like Miata Trunks

by Cheryl Knight

Recently I came across a shopping website that allows you to order direct from the mfg – usually in China – the benefit being very low prices. It is called Since my career is in the Retail Industry and there are lots of changes occurring or “disruption” as we refer to it, we are always interested in “testing” new services or different approaches (Blue Apron-the meal kit service, ordering on-line from Target, Amazon’s same day delivery, etc.). We do this to educate ourselves about what competitors are doing well and what we can learn from them. Ok, back to…..I ordered three purses in different colors for only $6 each. They finally arrived and are exactly what I was expecting, nicely made.

So, what does this have to do with Miata’s? Well, these purses are basically shells, meaning they have no exterior or interior pockets, dividers, etc. Stick with me here…. They are basically like an empty Miata trunk. if you put things in it, they will basically slide around and you will have to dig around to find the item you are searching for. And this got me thinking. What I need are some smaller bags that I can organize my contents in that can easily be moved from purse to purse. Just like luggage from the house to the trunk to the hotel room….just like when traveling in our Miatas.

Several years ago, Joe and I ordered two sets of luggage. One for the NC and the other for the NB. Both sets work nicely to ensure what you take fits in the trunk. And if you don’t over-stuff the luggage, you will have room around the perimeter of the space for smaller items, like a small tool bag or cleaning supplies, bottles of wine, you see my point. And even then, it is helpful to have smaller bags, containers,or organizers to keep these items in for easy access and organization.

I know many of you have found other ways to organize your trunk contents with cargo nets, trunk liners, containers, etc. So, for those of you that are newer to traveling in your Miatas OR haven’t quite mastered how to take only what you need and easily find what you bring, just ask around. We all have good tips! And if you are planning to join any of the extended road trips this year — a simplified, organized packing system can eliminate stress from the experience. Imagine, no arguments about where “it” is, or who packed “it”, or “which bag is it in”, and “why didn’t you bring it in with the luggage”,etc. These trips are meant to be fun, not challenge our relationships. So, get your trunks in order and be ready to enjoy the ride!

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Trunk Luggage

Trunk Luggage

This luggage can be found at:
Moss Miata
As well as various other places … just google it!