September 2019 President’s Message

Congratulations everyone – we did it!  We’ve completed our obligation to the State of Texas Miata Clubs and hosted the 2019 Texas Miata Round-Up. Thank you to everyone that came out and participated and to all the volunteers that gave of their time, energy and love of the club to make the event great! Be sure to come out and join in when we celebrate all of you at the October 5th Picnic in MacArthur Park.  Click here for details.

As we head into the Fall, October is currently a light month, run wise.  We have a couple of ladies’ events, the Miatas at Laguna Seca in California, the Bulverde Car show sponsored by the local Mustang club (you can enter if you are interested – or just check things out), a Lunar Zoomer, and the Halloween Holiday Hamburger Run.

Admittedly, many of us are due for a rest. There has been a lot happening this year and thanks to so many of you leading runs at the Round-Up, you’ve been practicing all year and lots of club members have benefitted.  So, come on out to the Celebration Picnic on the 5th and we’ll all enjoy ourselves and then after, relax a bit.