The Individual Aspects of a Miata

Many Individual Aspects
to This Auto (MIATA)

I was thinking about my Miata the other day and all the different ways that it does something for me or to me. When I bought my first Miata back in 2003, I thought I was just buying a small inexpensive sports car. Little did I know it was so much more than that. This first thing I noticed was that it was actually fun to get in this car and just drive to the grocery store on an errand. Unlike most cars that I previously owned, this one had a personality that would change with how I drove it and where I was.

Because it is a two-place car, you can only carry one passenger. Instead of having a car full of folks, you drive f or with a best friend or significant other. This makes it unique and, I think, it enhances the experience of driving. Because it is so agile and maneuverable, you can have a blast driving even if you don’t drive very fast and you can share that with your passenger. Sometimes I found my first-time passengers screaming at me to slow down but usually it was with an ever-increasing smile on their face as the drive continued on.

This little car can draw a lot of attention if you are on a run with other owners. Going through a small town as a group is sure to draw a wave, a smile or a horn honk from passing admirers. The Miata looks like it is fun and it is! When someone waves at me I wonder if they are a Miata owner driving another car that day, a previous Miata owner or would love to have one in the future. In any case the car is certainly an attention getter.

Unlike the British sports cars of the past that the Miata was based on, the current day Miata is rugged, reliable and fairly inexpensive. It is not temperamental, doesn’t usually leak oil or refuse to start because it rained the night before. The cars are well made and are easy to repair at a reasonable cost compared to the past. You get a great car for a low entry price, low maintenance costs and amazingly reliable. This is all wrapped up in a very stylish car that looks like it cost a lot more. What a deal!

After I had my Miata for a while, I noticed there were quite a few others around the area. I inquired and found that there was a local Miata club and I joined. Other members shared with me why they liked their Miata, where they found it and what modifications they had done or were planning. From there the Miata love story began. I had a great car, a huge bunch of new friends and an endless source of suggestions on what I should do to my car next. It struck me that this was indeed a unique car!

I still haven’t figured out all the things about the Miata that I like. It is certainly the most engaging of all the cars that I have owned. Porsches and BMWs have been fun but in an almost single-facet way. Yes, they were faster or looked better, but they didn’t have the personality that my Miata’s have had. I think for the money you can’t get a better all-around sports car with the handling and cornering that the Miata provides for even twice the price.

When you buy a Miata you get more than just a car. You acquire a great group of new friends, an escape- machine that will take you anywhere with great fun and a car that transforms the driving experience into a memorable event.

                                                                                    by Dan Hicks