Update on 2019 Texas Miata Round-Up

Update on Round Up

Plans for the September 19th – 22nd, 2019 Texas Miata Round Up are going great!  Thank you to all our Club Members for your support and interest!  Here is a brief update on progress.

  • There are less than 20 spots available for registration. Don’t delay!
  • There are still a few tickets for the Friday Night Passport Wine Dinner event at Woodrose Winery.
  • The Apparel Store closes August 1st, so if you haven’t ordered those long sleeve T-Shirts or your Jacket, you may want to get your order placed soon. While it may not be cool in September (who knows with these crazy weather patterns), the Jackets will be a great keepsake you can wear at many Miata events for years to come.
  • The Committee Leadership meets at the end of June to finalize timelines, volunteer needs, sort out the prizes and how they will be given away, and review the budget.
  • I’m happy to report that due to the large number of registrations, individual Club Member donations, and excellent sponsorship we received, we are easily able to re-fund the Round Up Seed Account, in the amount of $2,400, for the 2023 Round Up (next time Bluebonnet hosts).

We are just about at that point where we will be asking you to choose the timeslots and volunteer roles you are interested in.  Don’t worry about missing out on all the activities though. Most slots are only for a short time frame and will allow you to spend time on runs and other activities.  We greatly appreciate your engagement and willingness to participate and ensure this is great event for everyone, and we want you to have fun too!  So, count on that!

Cheryl Knight
Chair, 2019 Texas Miata Round UP