Update on Round-up

2019 Texas Miata Round-Up

There is a lot of new information on the website – visit today!  

2019 Texas Miata Round-Up – Registration is open!

Fredericksburg, Texas

September 19th – 22nd


Lodging Update We’ve added more rooms and update website info on our secondary host hotel and other lodging options in the Fredericksburg area. Hotel space is going fast, so even if you don’t want to register right now, we suggest booking your room so when you do register, you are guaranteed a place to rest your road-weary body at night. https://texasmiataroundup.com/host-hotel/

Saturday Night Banquet The Saturday evening 1940’s South Pacific Themed party is going to be amazing.  Check out the website for lots of pictures and information – it’s going to be a party to remember!  Plus, you need to start planning your evening attire…hmmm, what were the men and women wearing during the 40’s in the South Pacific? A quick search on Google or Pinterest yielded lots of ideas for me. https://texasmiataroundup.com/saturday-night-banquet/

Volunteering not your thing? You can help another way – use the following private link to donate on the Round-Up website.  All club donors receive a raffle ticket for each $25 donated to be used in a bucket raffle at the Round-Up.  What’s a bucket raffle you ask?  You get to place your tickets in the bucket for the prize(s) you would like a chance of winning during the raffle. https://texasmiataroundup.com/product/individual-donations/  Thank you so much for your generous contributions! The monies received will go towards making the 2019 Texas Miata Round-Up a fabulous event.

Attendees from far and wide Early registrations include Miata Enthusiasts from Arkansas, Arizona, California, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, and Missouri.  We are excited to meet all of them!

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Come and cruise with us through the Hill Country to the South Pacific!