What Does Membership Include? – President’s Message

What Does Membership Include?

Our club membership averages around 220 – up and down some each month. With new Miata Enthusiasts joining each month, those of us that have been around for a while may take some things for granted and the newer members may be curious.  This month, I’ll provide an overview of Membership in the Bluebonnet Miata Club.

What’s included in Membership?

  • Entry to a large, diverse group of people with a common interest – the Miata. Our club is known across the country for being friendly and having fun. In some cases, because of our different levels of interest and involvement, you may have to put forth some effort to develop relationships with other members. Attending meetings, joining runs, sharing in the meals all increase the opportunity to get to know each other. It’s worth it.
  • Sponsorship by North Park Mazda – all members receive a 20% discount on parts and service for your Miata. AND, a 10% discount for parts and service on all other Mazdas. Plus, North Park sponsors our monthly newsletter.
  • Membership led runs and activities – both short and long runs, almost always with a meal, are great fun to drive the roads of the Texas Hill Country. The Lunar Zoomer dinners organized by George Lucas – you don’t even have to drive your Miata – are a nice way to get to know others. Weekend or longer trips organized by various members. And every two or three years, someone organizes a cruise.  All these things are organized and scheduled by ANY member of the club.  We have an active membership that likes to organize activities and we are subsequently blessed.  This is one reason we are known for having such a great club.
  • Club organized activities and communication – monthly meetings to learn about what’s happening and get to know others. Additionally, an annual activity planning meeting (Jan.), picnic (Oct. this year) and Christmas Party (in Dec. :-). The BluebonnetMiata.org website provides everything you need to know to stay informed and connected. The In The Breeze newsletter provides information about runs and activities and other good to know Miata info.
  • 200 new friends – it’s commonly stated that most don’t realize they are gaining so many new friends when joining the club. Almost like family in some cases, we don’t always agree, but we are there for each other. A recent example was the tire blow-out that happened on a run and everyone rallied around without a second thought to help those in need.

What Membership Dues provide?

  • They cover our fixed expenses – the $30 couple and $25 single dues go towards the club’s annual expenses: insurance $1250, website hosting and software expenses $800, office supplies, quarterly Birthday Cakes, printing, and stamps necessary to run the club; approx. $400.
  • They supplement discretionary club related activities – the picnic, Christmas party, monthly prizes (if necessary), North Park appreciation event, Tech Day (if we have one), Membership Awards, flowers or cards for Member deaths. These budgeted amounts will flex as necessary according to income from dues.

We are grateful that we do not have to pay a fee to hold our meetings at Big’z Burgers.  Most locations large enough to hold a group like ours will charge a room fee plus food.  So, while it can be a bit tight and you may get tired of burgers, we are very fortunate to not have to put any money towards a meeting location.

I hope you find this helpful, please let me know if you have any questions.  Cheryl